• I have been riding this great bike model for 10 years and for 10 years before that my nephew spent 15 years “jamming” from Rochester NY to Dansville and return every Sunday.

    It’s impossible to describe the beauty, quality and functionality of this Vintage bike except to say that I have owned many other bikes, costing up to $3,000 (carbon fork, seatpost, pedals,all Ultegra group; 16.8 lbs.) NONE compared to the way the Centurion fits me and performs.

    Which is why I still have the Centurion have and sold every one of my “expensive” bikes.

  • I have been through 1/2 dz cars in the time that I’ve been riding this model of bike. I get the feeling that it will last me through at least another 6 cars. I don’t agree that the Biopace is ‘misguided’. In fact, I have found that I get less knee strain with Biopace chainring than with a round chainring. That said, I will grant that not all knees are alike. To each their own…

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