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Letter from the editor: Sol in Chromatica - 1 of 1

Letter from the editor | May 19

If you’ve stumbled upon my Instagram stories, you’ve probably noticed I excessively post about Mother Monster herself, Lady Gaga. Okay, “excessively” is somewhat of an exaggeration, but what isn’t an exaggeration is my love for this century’s queen of pop.

Feet Opinion - 1 of 1

Barefoot is better

What dogs, you ask? Yes. I’m talking about feet. Oh, I’ve heard it all before. “You gonna charge for that?” “Put those dogs back where they belong!” And still, despite the backlash, I’d choose to roam barefoot over wearing a pair of sad old Converse any day.

Fairhaven Tunnel Graffiti - 1 of 4

Vandalism or art?

A short, low tunnel surrounded by greenery welcomes you to Fairhaven College and its dorms. Its walls painted with layers and layers of gray paint from years of battling graffiti.  Visitors often see spray-painted or sharpied images and words on the walls. The graffiti is usually covered up the next day, but artist retaliation is consistent. 

bronco music review

Review of Bronco by Orville Peck

Orville Peck, the king of the cowboy masquerade, is back with another incredible album. Bronco, released April 8, 2022, is one of the best albums released in the past year. Every time I play it, my friends roll their eyes. “It’s country music,” they say. 

Letter from the editor - Cam Cam

Letter from the editor | April 13

The Interdisciplinary Science Building, the newest of Western Washington University’s academic structures, is a modern building in every sense of the word. From its sleek angles to vibrant open spaces, it is the optimal building for academic pursuits. But the real modern treasure of the building is none other than the bathrooms.

The Setonian

Journalist speaks to being Black in a white-dominated field

At 28, Brazile is the deputy online managing editor for KUOW, the Puget Sound region’s #1 radio station for news. She is also the president of the Seattle Association of Black Journalists, an organization that acts as a resource for Black journalists in the area, as well as provides scholarships and networking opportunities. Often, Brazile has to remind herself to take a step back and take it all in. 


Opinion | Self-Defense on YouTube and TikTok is harder than it looks

Regardless of who someone is or what they look like, everyone is susceptible to being attacked. In Washington during 2020, 29% of cases involved an offender and 26% involved a victim between the ages of 20-29, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation Crime Data Explorer. 78% of the cases involved a male offender while 55% involved male victims and 44% involved female victims.

letter from editor wordle head

Letter from the editor | March 7

Here are three facts about me completely out of context that will only make sense after you finish reading this. Fact number one: I tend to be very late to every popular trend. Fact number two: I’m very committed to my morning routine, almost religiously. Fact number three: I have recently become obsessed with Wordle.


Letter from the editor | March 3

Was “Cats” (2019) actually as bad as the public remembers? I set out to answer this question and determine if “Cats” truly was as terrible as theater-goers claimed or if it was a campy, fun musical adaptation that audiences in 2019 just didn’t get.


Letter from the editor | Feb. 28

Metaverses are virtual worlds in which you can have meetings, socialize or play games. The commercials during the sizable game made it seem like you could do these things in a world made of purple light while being a tiger, large dog or whatever creature suits you that day.  The Metaverse is not real in two senses. 

Letter from the editor Feb 21 HEADER

Letter from the editor | Feb. 21

 I’ve thought long and hard about what I’ve wanted to write, and I found myself coming back to this topic time and time again: the thoughts I have about the state of the world and what “normal” is supposed to mean in response to it.  When I say “normal,” what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? 

Protest photo for guest piece 1

Opinion | Local police use for-profit company accused of stymying Black Lives Matter movement goals

The summer of 2020 saw the streets of cities and towns across the United States swell with demonstrators rallying for racial justice and against police violence. The Black-led revolt in the U.S. catalyzed global movements against policing with millions marching across the world. The protests demanded the abolition of the police. Since that summer the public has turned a more critical eye toward policing, and elected officials began to discuss reforms.    

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