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Empire State of Dance

As the lights of the Performing Arts Center lit up and the room filled with a humming sound, dancers walked on stage to perform “glacier,” a professional dance piece inspired by nature. While watching the dance, each dancer seemed to travel on stage independently on non-linear paths.


Western professor finds home in theatre

Tucked away in High Street Hall, in the back of the athletic offices is a room that doesn’t quite fit into the building it is housed in. Posters for plays and theater-related gear parade the walls, and an old, floral couch sits against the wall.


The Magic Bellingham Bus

While strolling the downtown streets of Bellingham, one may come across an old, white bus sitting on the street with the loud hum of music and flashing lights coming from inside. This is no ordinary bus. Bee Bee Metropol may look bland from the outside, but a different world emerges when the door opens. Completed with pillows, curtains and colorful lights, this bus houses a long, red couch that surrounds a small table, while lights on the ceiling periodically flash different colors.


Crossing Borders with Art

Cans of paint, putty knives, paint rollers, paper and cloth cover the three tables that make up Miguel Rivera’s workspace in the Western Gallery. Rivera dances from one table to another; grabbing paper from one, mixing paint at another.


Signs of a Strong Daughter

A group of kids run up the sidewalk, laughing as they play games. A woman stands on the porch, calling out to a young girl. But it comes out strained, garbled, a strange sound of the girl’s name.

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