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The King's Crowning Glory

Hungry faces come in numbers as students clasp their change, falling under the spell of homemade salsa and spicy chicken tacos. The line can stretch through the entirety of the walkway from the Viking Union to the bookstore; the aroma of mexican cuisine chasing it from end to end.


A monstrous lesson

Freak shows, robots, dinosaurs, parasites, serial killers and birth defects. These topics may not seem like typical materials to study in a class, but for the Monstrous Body course, the more abnormal the better.


Reduce, Reuse and ReMade

Forming beads and weaving them together with twine, junior Calyn McLeod’s hands create vibrant sapphire geometric patterns. Following hours of labor and achy fingers, her creation — crafted entirely out of recycled rubbish — was complete.


Diving in

Toes on the edge of the pool, she watched everyone dive one by one into the 10-foot tank. Her friends looked at her, anticipating her own dive. Right into a belly flop, Daphne lunged into the water, quickly surfacing with a grin.


Art, au naturale

Leland Page, ready for his first strip-down session, sized up the room. The all-white ceilings contrasting with the scattered art supplies, the circle of easels surrounding a block and a single stool in the middle. This is when Page realized he would be exposed not only for the entire class, but also for a well-known friend.

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