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Frontline: 420 is a privilege, not a right

It’s time again for the “holiday” of choice for stoners: 4/20. The name, started by a group of high schoolers in San Rafael, California, referred at first to the time of day whereupon these stoners would ditch class and smoke weed. Soon, the terminology and culture of 4/20 spread everywhere, and it became the bonafide cannabis indicator, joining the ranks of Bob Marley tapestries and white dreadlocks as a symbol of the popular plant.


Opinion: A hat is just a hat, until it's not

God, I wish this was a joke. Even if it isn’t a joke, it has a pretty good punchline. Here’s the set-up: a guy walks onto a liberal campus in a Make America Great Again hat. Sounds funny, right? Sounds like a joke you’d hear at open-mic night your freshman year, sitting with a bunch of people you only vaguely know in the Underground Coffeehouse.

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