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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

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Factfulness by Hans Rosling: Maybe the world isn’t so bad after all

The bold cover of Factfulness draws readers in. // Photo by Mysti Willmon By Mysti Willmon The world is awful. Nothing is getting better. Nothing will...

Pulling Title X funding misses the mark

By Mysti Willmon Planned Parenthood, a nonprofit healthcare program, is constantly criticized by politicians and citizens alike. A majority of the objections are linked to...

Snipping saves lives!

By Mysti Willmon Barking filled the air and cats slept or hid from the noise as people wandered the hallways and rooms of the Whatcom...

Hip-hop artist speaks on disability

By Mysti Willmon People squished on the stairs in the aisles and in the doorways with only standing room available as hip-hop artist Keith Jones...

Unplug and reconnect: Children’s Book Week at Village Books

Milo Chervenock-Johnson shows off his new Pom-Pom Pet, Pinky, at a Village Books event for Children's Book Week. // Photo by Mysti Willmon By Mysti...

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College budgets are a balancing act, COVID-19 has added more weight

An unknown return to campus for many students at Western led to the budget of the school taking a...