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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

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The ups and downs of Zoom’s comment section

Filled with intense arguments or helpful questions, class comments can trend in either direction By Jason Upton Attending virtual classes comes with many potential distractions: texting...

Handling SAD during a pandemic

How COVID isolation is impacting seasonal affective disorder, and what you can do to help yourself By Jason Upton Students’ mental health is becoming increasingly vulnerable...

Western Gallery and TLA host art discussion for community

Art and identity in accordance with the gallery’s new exhibit By Jason Upton With most interactions now taking place online, how does one express their personal...

Alum’s award-winning play performed over livestream by theatre arts department

The play, “how to clean your room (and remember all your trauma),” was written by Western alum J. Chavez By Jason Upton Live productions are rare...

Look away: screens strain student’s eyes

How screens impact our eyes and what you can do to help yourself. By Jason Upton  As Western moves to a majority online format amid COVID-19,...

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College budgets are a balancing act, COVID-19 has added more weight

An unknown return to campus for many students at Western led to the budget of the school taking a...