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Sunday, September 27, 2020

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Take a minute to call your mom (or whomever you cherish)

Two advertisements for the Family Outreach center placed overlooking Bellingham Bay. // Photo illustration by Emma Bjornsrud. Column...

The cost of social media

Column by Emma Bjornsrud There’s a reason I have to take a social media hiatus periodically.

Redefining “Ally”

A wall fixture in the Multicultural Center that says, "We are here. We matter." Taken on Oct. 10, 2019. // Photo...

Latest News

The Western Front’s response to racial injustice

Changes made to address current violence toward BIPOC, bias in our reporting

Whatcom County officials hold first public meeting on race and equity

Community members share grievances and experiences with Bellingham Police Department Whatcom County officials and community...

Whatcom County Council postpones vote on behavioral health services

Motion is still expected to pass, providing crucial programs for students Council members debate postponing...

Bellingham poverty rate predicted to rise.

Unemployment, lack of housing and COVID-19 contributing to countywide struggle.  By Taylor Bayly  A...

Title IX federal regulations go into effect on Aug. 14

How will these changes impact Western’s community? By Ivy Munyon Amidst...