Redefining family

By Rachael Buselmeier   For adopted students seeking a connection, Western’s Adoptees Alliance provides a safe space to gather. Founder and co-president Iris Hubbard founded the Adoptees Alliance during winter quarter 2017 with five other adoptees. She created the club hoping for adoptees to share their experiences. The club […]

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On repeat

By Walker Sacon   A vinculum is the horizontal line often used in math to indicate an infinitely repeating number or pattern. Western art students adopted this idea in their work.  This quarter’s Advanced Studio Art Seminar decided in the last two weeks to name its final gallery show […]

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Caffeine high

By Rachel Sandal   What do people in the Northwest love more than anything? Coffee. Specifically, new coffee. A new shop has recently opened up and hopes to give Bellingham residents their fix. It worked closely with its interior designer to create an atmosphere that was central to […]

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