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Friday, September 25, 2020



Gender at work

Column by Emma Bjornsrud We can take as many Implicit Association Tests as we want to try and prove...

Being queer isn’t only defined by self-love

Love looks like happiness. // Illustration by Emma Bjornsrud Editorial opinion by Emily Feek Being...

Emphasis on the toxic, not the masculinity

Column by James Ellis The concept of toxic masculinity is scary. Toxicity threatens the definition of a man...

Love — the definition does not exist

Column by Makenna Marks Love… what the heck is it? Short answer — there isn’t one. Everyone has...

Dating violence isn’t a new or discriminatory problem

Editorial opinion by Emily Feek Dating in the modern age is a downright terrifying thing. If you don’t have...

Don’t feel ashamed about your hook-up habits

Photo illustration of the app Tinder on an iPhone. // By Emma Bjornsrud Column by Emma Bjornsrud

Distance doesn’t destroy relationships, you do

Editorial opinion by Emily Feek The first thing that comes to mind when you think of a long-distance relationship is the ill-fated high school couple...

Take a minute to call your mom (or whomever you cherish)

Two advertisements for the Family Outreach center placed overlooking Bellingham Bay. // Photo illustration by Emma Bjornsrud. Column...

The cost of social media

Column by Emma Bjornsrud There’s a reason I have to take a social media hiatus periodically.

Self-care isn’t just watching Netflix, it’s an action

Editorial opinion by Emily Feek One of the hottest trends of the last decade, self-care, is undoubtedly going to...