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Tuesday, December 1, 2020



OPINION: Better living comes at a cost

There are a wide variety of things that people in our society quickly take for granted, and at colleges, housing and dining are clear...

OPINION: Community or corporate?

As Bellingham residents and Western students, it has been ingrained into our heads that the importance of being a part of Western means being...

OPINION: When journalism misses the mark

The national conversation surrounding sexual assault on college campuses has been ablaze over the past few years due to testimonies rising to the surface...

OPINION: Dude, where do I park?

By Dylan Green I pay my tuition. I work hard in my classes. I put effort into my time at school and, for the most...

Guest Column: What side are you on?

Editor's note: This guest column is a response to an opinion piece by Stephanie Villiers. Desmond Tutu said, “To remain silent in the face of oppression is to...