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Saturday, October 24, 2020



Pandemic voting and YOU!

People in masks lining up outside a polling station during stay-at-home orders. // Illustration by Rachel Alexander

Why we need to care more about Western’s John Doe

This man, presented in a sketch provided by University Police, died at Western in early March. Police are requesting the...

Pandemic waste production

Ariel Maldonado, owner of Instagram account @gogreensavegreen, spending time in nature. // Photo courtesy of Ariel Maldonado. Column...

Solitude is an antiviral

A rider tops a jump at the Port of Bellingham Waterfront Bike Park on Tuesday, March 17. As the city self-quarantines...

Suddenly you have time to read?

Books illustration by Shannon DeLurio Column by Emma Bjornsrud We fill our time binge-watching Netflix,...

Earth’s animals

Column by Emma Bjornsrud Humans aren’t the only ones living on this planet — we aren’t even the only...

“Wash your hands. Someone else’s life may depend on it”

Letter to the Editor My fellow WWU students, “At least one student is going to...

Animals are friends

JoJo, an emotional support animal, stretches after playing with his owner on Monday, March 9. // Photo by Claire Ott

Vegans may not run the world, but they sure are helping it

Column by Makenna Marks If you’ve been thinking about going vegan, this is the sign you’ve been waiting for....

Environmental relationships deserve more attention

A student holding a snail that they found while working at the Outback Farm. // Photo by Emma Bjornsrud