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Letting toxic relationships go is okay

By Emily Feek The hallmark of a good relationship is not time — at least, not always. Ideally, we...

Political differences complicate relationships

By Emma Bjornsrud We all face opposition. Unfortunately, that’s life. So, when we’re faced with opposition from people with...

The Roommate Effect: or, common sense

How roommates affect each others’ education, behavior and mental health By Makenna Marks There’s...

Being direct is the best direction in conflict resolution

By Emily Feek Conflict probably isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time. Interpersonal stress isn’t fun, so it’s...

Gender at work

How can we improve our professional relationships with colleagues of all genders? By Emma Bjornsrud

Being queer isn’t only defined by self-love

Love looks like happiness. // Illustration by Emma Bjornsrud By Emily Feek Being queer isn’t...

Emphasis on the toxic, not the masculinity

Toxic masculinity can ruin your relationship with yourself By James Ellis The concept...

Love — the definition does not exist

What is love? It depends on who you ask By Makenna Marks

Dating violence isn’t a new or discriminatory problem

By Emily Feek Dating in the modern age is a downright terrifying thing. If you don’t have your own...

Don’t feel ashamed about your hook-up habits

Photo illustration of the app Tinder on an iPhone. // By Emma Bjornsrud By Emma Bjornsrud