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Stimulus check criteria forgets about young adults

Illustration of a stimulus check. // Illustration by Emma Toscani Opinion By Payton Gift

Viking Voices: How has the stay-at-home order and the transition to online classes affected your study habits?

By Cameron Lautenslager Esmerelda Cuevas First-year A portrait of Ezzy Cuevas //...

Fall quarter uncertainty affects registration decisions

A portrait of Raina Shaw // Courtesy of Raina Shaw By Emily Bishop How has...

The Western Front stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter

Protesters congregate outside of Bellingham city hall in response to the death of George Floyd. // Photo courtesy of Angie Burger

Find your flow: crafting in isolation

A wire wrapping piece by student artist Kyle Lind. // Photo courtesy of Kyle Lind Opinion

Mental health and the COVID conundrum

People living with mood disorders may find it hard to get out of bed in the morning. Social distancing due to...

Safe Sex And COVID-19

Products like vibrators and dildos sit on the shelves at Wink Wink for curious customers to touch and learn about in...

Viking Voices: What’s the first thing you want to do after the stay-at-home order is lifted and why?

By Makenna Marks Graciella Gomez A portrait of Graciela Gomez // Courtesy of Graciela...

Dear Mike Pence, please don’t mask the issue

An illustration a "masked" superhero. // Illustration Courtesy of Impulse Souvenirs / Cory M Dean, LLC Opinion

Avert your eyes in the name of ocular health

Students spend many hours a day using screens and may risk eye strain. // Illustration by Rachel Alexander