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Saturday, October 31, 2020



What do you want to know about local and state elections?

Ballot Drop Box, Exterior Rec Center As Election Day approaches, having up-to-date information about elections is increasingly important....

The Western Front stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter

Protesters congregate outside of Bellingham city hall in response to the death of George Floyd. // Photo courtesy of Angie Burger

Animals are friends

JoJo, an emotional support animal, stretches after playing with his owner on Monday, March 9. // Photo by Claire Ott

Your environment is about more than just plants

Editorial opinion by Emily Feek When we think about the environment, we tend to think about nature: the great...

Letting toxic relationships go is okay

Editorial opinion by Emily Feek The hallmark of a good relationship is not time — at least, not always....

Being direct is the best direction in conflict resolution

Editorial opinion by Emily Feek Conflict probably isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time. Interpersonal stress isn’t fun, so...

Being queer isn’t only defined by self-love

Love looks like happiness. // Illustration by Emma Bjornsrud Editorial opinion by Emily Feek Being...

Dating violence isn’t a new or discriminatory problem

Editorial opinion by Emily Feek Dating in the modern age is a downright terrifying thing. If you don’t have...

Distance doesn’t destroy relationships, you do

Editorial opinion by Emily Feek The first thing that comes to mind when you think of a long-distance relationship is the ill-fated high school couple...

Self-care isn’t just watching Netflix, it’s an action

Editorial opinion by Emily Feek One of the hottest trends of the last decade, self-care, is undoubtedly going to...