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Friday, August 7, 2020



The Western Front stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter

Protesters congregate outside of Bellingham city hall in response to the death of George Floyd. // Photo courtesy of Angie Burger

Animals are friends

JoJo, an emotional support animal, stretches after playing with his owner on Monday, March 9. // Photo by Claire Ott

Your environment is about more than just plants

Editorial opinion by Emily Feek When we think about the environment, we tend to think about nature: the great...

Letting toxic relationships go is okay

Editorial opinion by Emily Feek The hallmark of a good relationship is not time — at least, not always....

Being direct is the best direction in conflict resolution

Editorial opinion by Emily Feek Conflict probably isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time. Interpersonal stress isn’t fun, so...

Being queer isn’t only defined by self-love

Love looks like happiness. // Illustration by Emma Bjornsrud Editorial opinion by Emily Feek Being...

Dating violence isn’t a new or discriminatory problem

Editorial opinion by Emily Feek Dating in the modern age is a downright terrifying thing. If you don’t have...

Distance doesn’t destroy relationships, you do

Editorial opinion by Emily Feek The first thing that comes to mind when you think of a long-distance relationship is the ill-fated high school couple...

Self-care isn’t just watching Netflix, it’s an action

Editorial opinion by Emily Feek One of the hottest trends of the last decade, self-care, is undoubtedly going to...

Relationships: More Than Romance, Worth the Work

Editorial opinion by Emily Feek When college students—and younger people in general—talk about relationships, they’re often referring to something...