The cost of social media

Mental health is worth more than followers and likes By Emma Bjornsrud There’s a reason I have to take a social media hiatus periodically. We spend a huge portion of each day scrolling through our feed, whether it’s in our best interest or not. Half of the time, […]

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Redefining “Ally”

Allyships require a lot more work than we might think By Emma Bjornsrud An ally is generally understood to be an individual with the resources to support those who are oppressed or discriminated against. In this sense, the word is often used as a noun. However, calling yourself […]

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Viking Voices: What relationship is most important to you and why?

Compiled by Audra Anderson Leslie AguilarSecond-yearInternational Business Major “My relationship with my family. They support me unconditionally.” Charlee BethjeThird-yearBusiness Administration Major “I have the strongest relationship with my dad because growing up– I also have a younger brother– we were never treated different, like boys versus girls, stuff […]

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