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Polar plunge: The best way to start 2021

Plunging into natural icy waters provides a cathartic and healthy start to the new year. A crowd...

Work on changing systems instead of yourself

Clothes dryers in WWU’s Birnam Wood main laundry room.  // Photo by Sadie Fick By Sadie Fick

Real or fake: The great Christmas tree debate settled

Real trees can’t be beaten when it comes to their beauty and environmental impact  A pine tree...

Save money and the planet by air-drying clothes

Options for indoor drying systems include drying racks, pre-bought clotheslines or more DIY options Sadie Fick’s laundry...

Leave no trace: More than just “pack it in, pack it out”

Being responsible outdoors requires more than picking up your litter A group unpacks their backpacks near a...

Masks: Not just a COVID-19 accessory

Protecting public health goes beyond the pandemic, and It’s time the U.S. embraced mask culture  A woman...

Caring for houseplants: A way to cope this winter

Horticultural therapy uses activities like planting seeds, harvesting tomatoes or tending houseplants to help people work toward a variety of goals. 

Fines aren’t fine: Why libraries are long overdue for a change

Overdue fees stop the people who need the library the most from using it. A stack...

What do you want to know about local and state elections?

Ballot Drop Box, Exterior Rec Center As Election Day approaches, having up-to-date information about elections is increasingly important....

Muting mics not the solution to disruptive debates

The discussion over muting microphones affected the Washington gubernatorial debate.  Picture of two microphones. // Photo by...