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Saturday, October 31, 2020



Washington rids taxes on period products

A menstrual product dispenser in the Viking Union offers free supplies at the push of a button. // Photo by Ella...

Defining family poses housing barriers

By Kenneth Duncan Washington state representatives are currently considering a bill that would prohibit local governments across the state...

Legislature addresses high cost of insulin

A watercolor painting of insulin done by Wilson Turk. // Painting courtesy of Wilson Turk By Izzie Lund

Residents don’t miss Washington’s flavored vape ban

By Teya Heidenreich Washington’s emergency ban on flavored vape products expired Feb. 7, and some Bellingham residents say the...

Proposed bill changes workplace drug test policy

Rows of marijuana at-home test kits found at one of Bellingham’s Dollar Tree’s. // Photo by Alix Condit

Senate bill would restore right to vote for thousands of prior felons

A ballot drop box on campus located outside of the campus rec center. // Photo by Alix Condit

Bill would limit potency of cannabis concentrate

Staged photo of cannabis concentrate. // Photo illustration by Claire Ott. By Kenneth Duncan Washington...

Students responsible for misconduct seek to protect identities

The Whatcom County courthouse in Bellingham, Wash. // Photo by Nate Sanford. By Nate Sanford A...

Opinion: In Support Of CWU’s The Observer

By The Western Front editorial staff In response to recent events transpiring at Central Washington University, the editorial team at Western would like to share...

Ethnic Student Center teams up with Representation and Engagement Programs to encourage voting on Nov. 5

By Jordan Van Beek The Ethnic Student Center is joining up with the Representation and Engagement Programs to host Democracy & Donuts in the Multicultural...