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Thursday, April 2, 2020


City & County

71-year-old man assaulted in the arb Feb. 26

By Andrew Montgomery Around 8:15 a.m. Wednesday, Feb. 26, Bellingham Police Department officers were sent to check on the...

What to do with the scraps

How food-providing businesses in Bellingham work to reduce food waste Georgi Shillington serves Zach Clarke at...

Dead Soft gets personal with new album Big Blue

Nathaniel Epp and Keely Rochon are both founding members of their band Dead Soft. // Photo by Wilson Turk

Tree farm creates path for salmon

Nourse Family Tree Farm awarded the 2019 Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year award Volunteers old...

Herald parent company files bankruptcy

The chapter 11 filing will have no immediate impact on the 30 McClatchy-owned newsrooms The Herald...

Mobile homeowners fight to stay

Robin Lane residents speak out in support of protecting their community Bert Rotter (left) poses for...

City reviewing tiny home encampment

The encampment would occupy a site currently used for yard waste disposal The former “Clean Green”...

Finding counseling in Bellingham

Bellingham residents express frustration about wait times, lack of counselors in mental healthcare Western's Counseling Center...

Student tenants want to know their rights

Some look to Western for aid in their defense against their landlords A "For Rent"...

Everyday they’re hustling

Aerin Peterson spinning out of a group circle at practice for "Hood" on Tuesday, Feb. 18. // Photo by Claire Ott