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Wednesday, April 8, 2020


Local Government

‘Virus is widespread in our area’

On Tuesday, the Whatcom County Health Department announced that it would stop publicly tracking the paths of people who test positive...

City adds ‘Hearing loop’ to council chambers

Renovations to the City Council chambers, pictured in this January 2018 file photo, will include improvements to accessibility, including a "hearing...

County OKs $250K budget to address COVID

In this file photo from October 2019, the Whatcom County Council votes to approve an ordinance to fund supportive and affordable...

Travel decisions in the time of COVID-19

Few travelers lingered at Bellingham International Airport on Wednesday, March 11. // Photo by Calvin Lowe By Leora...

Whatcom Jail braces for COVID-19

As of March 12, no one with the Whatcom County Jail has been tested for COVID-19, but the corrections department has...

City establishes new immigration board

Two individuals exit Bellingham City Hall on Tuesday, March 10. // Photo by Ella Banken By Teya Heidenreich

Defining family poses housing barriers

By Kenneth Duncan Washington state representatives are currently considering a bill that would prohibit local governments across the state...

Millworks project to provide new resources and support

The new food campus location will be downtown at the former Georgia-Pacific lignin building on Cornwall Ave. // Photo by Ella...

Mobile homeowners fight to stay

Bert Rotter (left) poses for the camera with his wife Kathie (middle) and mother-in-law (Phyllis) outside of their home in Robin...

City reviewing tiny home encampment

The former “Clean Green” yard waste disposal site could become the new HomesNOW! tiny homes encampment. // Photo by Riley Kankelberg