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Thursday, October 29, 2020



Western’s Outdoor Center providing what they can for students

During the summer, Crandall said he worked on transitioning the Outdoor Center’s Western Outdoor Orientation Trips to an online format.

Alum’s award-winning play performed over livestream by theatre arts department

The play, “how to clean your room (and remember all your trauma),” was written by Western alum J. Chavez

For LGBTQ+ students, help comes at an important time

From housing to virtual lectures, student and faculty-led programming takes a new face in the 2020 school year.

The Social Justice and Equity Committee will oversee faculty anti-racism training for winter 2021

Western Faculty Senate planned its first steps on Black Student Organization demands. Western’s Faculty Senate discussed...

It wasn’t me! Western students stay social by playing “Among Us”

Discord server presents a way to mingle while in quarantine WWU Among Us logo. Source:...

COVID-19 disrupts Western’s proposed 2021 budget

Western Trustees approve budget cuts for FY 20-’21. First-year enrollment is down by 20% as of...

Fairhaven College alumni host weekly virtual concert series

Fairhaven alumna Coty Hogue performed on Facebook Live with fellow alumni Aaron Guest for the Fairhaven College Music Festival Streaming...

Western’s classes will remain mostly remote for winter quarter

Western’s campus will remain at the same levels of face-to-face instruction for winter quarter. //Photo By: Bella Coronado

Look away: screens strain student’s eyes

King’s blue light filtering glasses purchased at Target. Photo provided by Jason Upton. How...

Voting made easy through campus resources for Election Day

One of two ballot drop boxes is located in front of Wade King Student Recreation Center and remains open until 8...