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Poetry | 'Unnamed Apartment Complex in Bellingham' (Pt. 1 and 2)

Photo by Sadie Fick; Graphic by Nate Sanford

Unnamed Apartment Complex in Bellingham

Nameless, faceless walls

Naked in the mirror

Nameless, faceless sprawl

Naked is the interior

Natural dignity falls

Narcissistic, invisible, inferior

Nighttime, answering in nameless, faceless calls

Naked preferable to the ulterior.

The guardrails in the halls run cold

The white walls yearning to kill the bold

These marketplace mock-ups that struggle to avoid getting old

These mongers of IKEA furniture.

Nameless, faceless nights

My nameless, faceless dread

The nameless, faceless freedom

Of those bent on ignoring the dead.

The Eye of the Sore (Unnamed Apartment Complex in Bellingham Pt. 2)

I live in the eye of the sore.

Demarcated by white walls that marble, countertops gleam

Each new surface that whispers

“Visit me.”

I live in the eye of the sore

Stewing in neighborhood hatred of me

I’ve lost that beauty of the old. That dust mite-ed, cockroach-ed, capacity for glee

They vanquish color as poison

Swap clean from mystique

Smiling faces, unturned heads

Clear passion for space to think

I live in the eye of the sore.

I live with an eye on the quietest storm

Generation of more

The hearty, silent, forlorn

Generation of guilt from all those who lived before

I live in the eye of the sore




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Tim Donahue

Tim Donahue (he/him) is a twenty-year-old English major at WWU who published a book of poetry called An Education: Pocket Poetry From The Days of Constant Change in September 2021. This Western Sophomore writes both poetry and novels and is scheduled to release another book called The Clipper Of Wings later this year! For more information, head to his Instagram @t.donahue_ 


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