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Western maintenance request system gets a facelift

The new online platform offers more variety in requests as well as an easier log-in process. // Screenshot via Western ReADY webpage

By Anelyse Morris

Are you ReADY for it? Western launched its new maintenance request system ReADY over the summer, creating a new, “more efficient” way for students to create and track maintenance requests, said Terence Symonds, associate director for University Residence Facilities. The new system is available to all on-campus residents and staff and can be used to request maintenance on any property on-campus, residential or not. Request types vary widely from pest control to temperature to plumbing issues. ReADY replaced the old maintenance request system FAMIS on June 25. The decision to switch was primarily because FAMIS was “clunky” and “outdated,” according to Symonds. The new online platform offers more variety in requests as well as an easier log-in process and more specific categorization with the inclusion of pictures in order to make the request process easier. “[ReADY] is much quicker and far more intuitive than FAMIS ever was,” said LeRoux Matau, desk attendant. “FAMIS was really slow, and it was hard to get residents to stand there for five minutes while you entered the same data over and over again.”
While all maintenance requests have been transferred over to ReADY, there was a transitional period in which the systems overlapped. “There was a weird in between period when we were still using FAMIS because the system wasn’t fully ready yet,” said EJ Pollard, program support staff member. “However, students weren’t here yet so it wasn’t too big of an issue... It was a pretty smooth process.” Most of the features are currently functional, however new online features are still in the process of being released. “We’re trying to set up the system so it sends regular updates to students,” Symonds said. I don’t think it’s up and running yet but there’s a lot coming with this software that students will be able to use.” Facilities’ staff is currently in the process of compiling a training guide for students and University Residence staff members. The guide will go through the process of signing in, selecting the right request as well as how to check the status of the request. While the system is fairly straightforward, the guide will help clear up any confusion, Pollard said. “I’m making a user guide for it, hopefully it'll be up on the website by next week. It’s a guide for students in case they’re having any trouble using it, though it is pretty straight forward. If students or faculty have any questions or concerns regarding the new system or the maintenance request process, they should contact Facilities Management, Symonds.


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