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Emily Jackson Drew Stuart
Millka Solomon, AS President

Issues or problems you’d like to solve?

I personally really want to advance ethnic studies on campus. Western used to have a college of ethnic studies, and we don’t anymore. It got established the same year as Fairhaven and Huxley, and it got shut down. We don’t have a lot of diverse classes on campus, or the classes will be...unspecified or super broad. It’s super important to have more representative classes on campus.

Levi Eckman, VP of Academic Affairs

What sets you apart from other candidates?

I grew up in a smaller area, and came into my sexuality early on. There was a piece of me I wanted to experience, but hadn’t yet had the opportunity to. This gives me an understanding to the importance and need for safe spaces in communities.

Kyle McCaffery, VP of Academic Affairs

Issues or problems you’d like to solve?

[One of my biggest things is] undergraduate bottlenecking. There’s a lot of issues with underclassmen where you can’t take the entry-level classes you need because there aren’t enough professors, or there’s too many seniors that are switching majors that are taking all the classes.

Noble Solana-Walkinshaw, VP of Academic Affairs

Anything you'd like to say?

This position is not about me, the position is about representing students. Even if I don’t agree with them, even if we have different opinions, I want as much interaction with students as possible.

Jacob Molloy, VP of Academic Affairs

What inspired you to run?

What really inspired me to run was to shift towards a student union system and to find innovate ways, such as a student senate, to start shifting the way that students can interact with administration, hold administration accountable and have discussions with the administration.

Ama Monkah, VP of Activities

What sets you apart from other candidates?

I’m somebody who has experience in the AS. I was part of the African Caribbean Club, I know how to plan events on campus, I know how to get people to go to different clubs, I know how to stay organized and on top of my work.

Jarrod Stambaugh, VP of Activities

What inspired you to run?

I think that clubs on Western’s campus are a really underused resource. I think students here at the school put a lot of effort into maintaining and staffing these clubs. The actual participation from students, I think, is very low.

Camilla Mejia, VP of Diversity

Issues or problems you’d like to solve?

Personally, I’m very much the type of person where I first want to ask students, "what do you need", instead of assuming I know what they need. One of my top priorities is to listen to students.

Natasha Hessami, VP of Governmental Affairs

What inspired you to run?

I have been heavily involved with LAC, Legislative Affairs Council, this past year. It was my involvement with LAC that inspired me to run because I was able to see the legislative process here at Western and I really enjoyed the entire process.

Hunter Eider, VP of Governmental Affairs

What sets you apart from other candidates?

I’ve already been on the board so I already understand how things work in terms of budgets [and] meetings. I already have connections within the university. Instead of taking the time to learn how the university system works. I can just hit the ground running and start establishing relations outside of the university.

Anne Lee, VP of Student Life

Issues or problems you’d like to solve?

I have three concrete things that I am expressing as my platform. My first is with housing – basic security, continuing conversations and [ensuring]to address issues of lighting. The second thing is general safety and security on and off campus. My third thing is continuing current efforts to expand sustainability, to make it more inclusive and representative of the student body on our campus.

Brendan O'Neill, VP of Student Life

What inspired you to run?

It’s been frustrating to see how nothing seems to be changing. It’s something I really want, to help move Western’s culture into a better light. I know one person, by myself, can’t do this. But if I can help promote other events to get people talking about what’s wrong and everything, that would be great.

*Nominee for VP of Business and Operations, Genaro Meza, was unable to be reached.


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