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By Kelly Pearce Walking across Western’s campus on any given day means you’ll see the same couple clothing items repeated over, and over and over. We all know which ones come to mind. There are the wire rimmed glasses, the black puffer jacket, Doc Martens, the “mom jean,” cuffed pant legs with crew socks–the list goes on forever. For this experiment, one item in particular was showcased in this Front reporter’s closet. That piece was taken out and mixed with the rest of the wardrobe in a couple of different combinations to see how versatile students’ fashion go-tos can be. Which article was subjected to this test? None other than a Bellingham classic, a denim jacket. Denim jackets on this campus come in all shades, shapes and styles, and can be decorated with various pins, buttons, tears and patches. Just because this particular jacket is unadorned, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t rock some different styles, or make your own.   DENIM LAST QUARTER First of all, let’s get some nostalgic looks back with some outfits inspired by a (slightly) warmer time: autumn. Fall-inspired outfits, though possibly a little cold without leggings, are elevated by the dark wash denim. It’s perfect for weather that’s chilly, but not full black puffer jacket chilly.   THE '80S Next up is a look that touches on some of the more colorful looks spotted around campus. It’s for throwback lovers, pattern enthusiasts, and those who love a good oversized sweaters. An ‘80s inspired top with black leggings is just the right level of crazy color to compliment a plain denim jacket.   THE DEAD WEEK OOTD   Now something a little more neutral and a little more universally common on college campus’ everywhere is the cozy look we all go for when finals come creeping up. Let's face it, the only way to get through the last two weeks in winter quarter is to layer up and wear the same gray tank top a couple days in a row. How perfect is it that a jacket can shift a look to actually pull that strategy off?   VERSATILITY Whether it's classy, saucy, sparkly or shiny, denim finds its place with any kind of top. It’s college. There’s no rule book about what to wear, or not to wear. So rock the denim on denim without fear of repeating a Justin/Britney faux pas, and tie up a bright Victoria’s Secret nightshirt. With a dependable denim jacket, risks can be taken.   DAY TO NIGHT To further emphasize the college budgeting issue, having a piece you can dress up or dress down is of pretty high up on the priority list. Jewelry or not, it's great to know you can mix and match shirts with the same pair of pants and jacket for two different vibes.   THE CLASSIC TEE In the land of thrifting and college budgets, comfort is king. Graphic tees, whether they're new or used, seem to always work with these jackets. Put on a pair of ripped black jeans and Doc Martens and you’ll be able to blend into any crowd traveling through Red Square. What’s your favorite way to wear your denim jacket? What are other Bellingham or Western staples that you’ve seen around lately? Look around, try something new, and maybe you’ll be inspired to look at your wardrobe a little differently. 

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