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With beautiful weather and ample time, summer is the best season to take a long trip with your pals to a new location. Just don’t forget the important things: gas, snacks and a playlist.

1. "Windows" — AWOLNATION
This song’s abrupt yet stirring vocal and techno introduction, in addition to constant changes of speed and tone, produce a captivating indie-rock beat that will give you the energy needed to start your journey.
2. "It’s Only" — ODESZA
This duo, formed at Western, mends pop and techno in a unique medley through consistent percussion that complements the soothing soprano vocals.
3. "What You Know" — Two Door Cinema Club
The upbeat electric guitar helps guide this song as it fades in-and-out, intertwining with the Irish-accented vocals of the lead singer.
4. "Gangsta" — Kat Dahlia
Dahlia’s unapologetically open song about her childhood upbringing, which vocally meets the halfway point between singing and rapping, procures a deep emotional response.
5. "Yoko" — Pegasus Bridge
The electric keyboard adds an interesting touch to the fast beat, along with the harmonization of lead tenor vocals to the instrumental ensemble.
6. "River" — Bishop Briggs
Briggs uses the intonation of her powerful voice to carry the passion of this song. The sensational beat in the background adds to the drama.
7. "She’s So Mean" — Matchbox Twenty
This song has phenomenal usage of an eclectic variety of instruments producing a lighthearted, energetic sound.
8. "Muse" — OCAD
From the transitional element of suspenseful drumming and softer vocals, to a beautifully strong chest voice and a rapping interlude, this song has it all.

9. "Floats My Boat" — Aer

This song takes you back to the early 2000’s with a reggae-tone that seemingly wisps all worries away.
10. "Turn the Music Up" — NF
This motivational rock song climaxes about halfway through, when an intense rap cascaded by instrumental resonances occurs.
11. "Zimbabwe" — NEW NAVY
This Australian-based band creates a unique blend of instruments to add fun flavor to the song, along with soft and alluring vocals.
12. "King" — Niykee Heaton
Heaton demonstrates interesting vocal texture, changing from a sultry, soft voice to a passionate, blasting voice. The suspense created from the slow, dramatic tempo is perfect for a song right before you hit your final destination.


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