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For those of us still on campus, enjoying a rigorous summer session and pondering what to do during our rare moments of free time, a playlist resembling a vacation and a movie-like series of events is nothing short of a dream. Instead of backpacking through Europe, climbing Machu Picchu or visiting grandma, let the music be your getaway while still trekking through Bellingham and student life.

1. “Walk on the Wild Side” — Lou Reed
Vacation starts a little slow sometimes. The excitement builds inevitably; it’s a process. Once you’re en-route there is no turning back! Listen to this song as you stroll through campus in the early morning or during sunset. It’s almost as if you are starting a long road trip or getting on the airplane.
2. “Waiting on the Summer” — VHS Collection
This one is a bit more high-energy. A synthesization of what it can feel like to almost be where you are going. The moment has arrived. Listen to this song as you drive, ride or walk Boulevard Drive on a sunny day.
3. “Waterfalls” — Bag Raiders
This song is bound to make you feel the hype. Jumping, waterfalls, airplane background noises; the song embodies the heart of vacation. Listen to this song as you jump off a waterfall at Whatcom Falls Park.
4. “Bad Decisions” — Two Door Cinema Club
Every vacation comes with a bad decision... or two... or three. A student during summer quarter may also fall victim to a bad decision with warm weather right outside their window. Listen to this song in Woods Coffee at Boulevard Park — a good and bad decision.
5. “SloMo” — San Cisco
This song comes from an Australian band and keeps with the upbeat vibe of a summer vacation. A few days into vacation, making bad decisions, seeing the sights — things are still likely to be on the up and up. Listen to this song as you hike around Teddy Bear Cove.
6. “Doubt” — Shallou
This song slows things down, but not all the way. Take a break from all the fun, or all the homework, while still keeping an upbeat vibe. Listen to this song in a hammock next to The Communications Facility lawn.
7. “Footsteps” — Jeff Kaale
The last song slowed things down, this song slows things way down. It’s that midway point during a vacation where you take a second to relax and catch a second wind. Listen to this song while you stroll through the Bellingham Farmers Market.
8. “Doin’ Time” — Sublime
This song transitions you back into a fast-paced vacation; but gently. Listen to this song on top of Table Mountain at Mount Baker during sunset.
9. “Island in The Sun” — Weezer
This song gives off a care-free beach vibe. Listen to this song as summer quarter nears its end at Lake Padden.
10. “Waiting for You” — Verazche with Swell
Vacation can be made even better by a number of things. One of those things may be a crush, or perhaps your partner is already with you. This song will help with summer romance. Listen to this song before, during or after a dinner at Skylarks Hidden Café in Fairhaven.
11. “Rock with You” — Michael Jackson
This song is all about love, or at least the feeling of it. It slows things down again before those final days of vacation. Imagine your vacation/staycation in slow motion while you listen. Listen to this song as you ride along Chuckanut Drive with the windows down and your favorite person in the front seat.
12. “Just Like Heaven” — The Cure
This song brings out an ‘80s movie ending to your vacation or staycation as well as a summer romance. The song was inspired by a seaside trip to England with lead singer Robert Smith’s future wife. Listen to this song as you paddle board yourself off into the sunset on Lake Whatcom at Western’s Lakewood area.


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