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Courtesy of Carolyn Trainer
As fall season comes to an end, winter is arriving in full force. While coffee shops transition from pumpkin spice lattes to eggnog, and autumn leaves give way to winter chills, fashion choices cycle along with them. Carolyn Trainer, previously known as The Western Front’s “Affordable Fashionista,” shares the fashion trends that typically make appearances in her wardrobe and on campus during the next few months. At Western, many students have traded out their old attire for more suitable wear. Trainer said she sees students ditching their crop tops and cropped sweaters. “In fall, a lot of people would wear them with high-waisted jeans but it’s way too cold, so I think everybody is going straight for the real sweaters now,” Trainer said. However, some trends never die despite their antiquity. Fashion from the 70s is still a popular style during today’s winter season, Trainer said. Some 70s trends that we still see today are garments like jackets with fur, flair bottoms, vintage scarves, muted tones and anything printed with funky patterns. For Trainer, the winter brings frigid temperatures, which means bundling up is a top priority. Trainer described her layering process as starting with a base that can be built upon with items such as cardigans, vests and bomber jackets. “I’m a little nuts about it because I’m so cold all the time,” Trainer said. “I usually do a really thin turtleneck under one of my sweaters already. Even if it’s a turtleneck or poking out, it looks pretty cute. On top of that, I’ll usually put a vest, and then a bomber jacket, and sort of mix patterns to make it look a little exciting.” One of Trainer’s convenient yet reliable outfits consists of oxford dress shoes, jeans and her military-inspired jacket. Trainer said vintage military jackets are usually made out of real wool, which do a better job at keeping the cold at bay.
Courtesy of Carolyn Trainer
Aside from the basics, Trainer has hauled in some new pieces for her winter closet meant to work for every occasion. Trainer has been loving her new suede, over-the-knee boots, which are easily and stylishly coupled with sweater dresses and turtlenecks. Other daring styles can be easily transcended from one season to the next. An unconventional pairing of patterns is dark florals and pin-stripes, Trainer said. She said the key is that you have to wear intricate florals with the same colored stripes to compliment each other. “I would never do a red striped-top with a purple floral skirt,” Trainer said. The holiday season’s cold temperatures don’t have to restrain students from rocking the new, and sometimes old, fashion trends. Prepare yourself in style because winter is here.


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