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Sophomore Burke Nelson. // Photo by Brendan Herron

Sophomore Burke Nelson, chemistry/pre-med major

Listening to: Fortunate Son by Creedence Clearwater Revival Burke generally prefers to listen to older folk and rock music, such as James Taylor and The Beatles, he said. “I love just about every genre,” he said. “I have always prided myself on being very broad in music [taste].”      
Senior Alex Gray. // Photo by Brendan Herro

Senior Alex Gray, history major

Listening to: Blinding by Florence and the Machine Gray listens to indie, alternative, classic and jazz music. “I’ll discover a band, let’s say through a commercial, then I’ll find out more about them and listen to their whole discography,” Gray said. “A lot of it is through haphazard events.”          
Sophomore Chrissa Browder-Long. // Photo by Brendan Herron

Sophomore Chrissa Browder-Long, environmental science major

Listening to: Some Kind of Drug by G-Eazy Browder-Long’s family is originally from Texas, which influences her music taste. “I really like [Dire Straits]. My parents listened to them a lot,” she said. “When I was a kid I was a big Dixie Chicks fan.” Other artists Browder-Long enjoys include Sylvan Esso and Rihanna. She said that much of the music she discovers is through social media websites.      
Freshman Johana Elias. // Photo by Brendan Herron

Freshman Johana Elias, biology major

Listening to: Universal Mind Control by Common Elias enjoys listening to rap as well as EDM, country, jazz and pop. “My roommates tell me all the time that I have really different music tastes,” Elias said.


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