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The Western Front recently conducted a survey about student drug use. It has been called into question whether or not the survey results reflected the culture on campus accurately.

Broken down, the statistics are as follows:

The survey, conducted unscientifically via social media, reported 3 out of 4 students have used marijuana recreationally.

Of the 450 who participated, 39 percent do not feel drugs interfere with their studies. 41.3 percent say current drug policies on campus are fine the way they are, 49.6 percent believe more drugs should be legalized and just over 9 percent say less drugs should be legalized.

These statistics are a reflection of our institution, as nine out of 10 students report they believe Western is “drug-friendly."

But what is drug friendly? And is it something that we should be ashamed of? No.

Our use of marijuana makes us friendly, nice, cool, calm and collected.

While students at Washington State University are known for partying hard and getting rowdy, Western is renown for being "the stoner school."

Western is not wasted, no, we are quite the opposite. Western is open-minded, accepting, and, quite likely, stoned.

Bellingham's reputation as the "City of Subdued Excitement" could very well be contributed to our affinity for the green, the ganja, that reefer.

Let's face it — many of us are high, some of us often. Wafts of sinsemilla are not an uncommon sentiment walking across campus.

We have all seen or heard of the new dispensaries and it seems they are here to stay. Why? Because people here want to get high!

University is a time in a student’s life when it may be viewed as bizarre behavior to not partake in  a little puff, puff, pass action.

There are several ways to do it, and they can all be found at many of the parties attended by our student body and greater Bellingham community.

Sure it is complicated and controversial, but the arguments seem to dissipate like smoke in the wind.

The nation was shocked at the event of our last riot, back in 2013. You remember, right? Of course, because it was a surprise.

Western is not known as a wildly out of control, get hammered and pass out in the middle of the street type institution. We are seen as laid back, relaxed and progressive.

Some believe the party culture that fosters marijuana use is necessary for self-expression, while others will disagree and argue those who use drugs and alcohol will falter in professional arenas.

But this can't be true, not completely, especially considering we have an 82 percent freshman returning rate and 65 percent graduation rate. Most of our departments require internships before graduation and a large percentage of our student body volunteer either on or off campus.

We are a student who is willing to share with the world that yes, many of us get toasted, and no, we are not lazy or self-destructive. We are simply looking to have a good time and if that means getting lifted, getting lifted we will.

Truth is, this survey supports the fact the majority of us are young and having the time of our lives. This is our first time away from the coddling arms of our guardians, and we are taking the opportunity to explore, even indulge.

Drugs and alcohol are all around, and they are being used by large percentages of the students on our campus.

Western is not wasted, no, we are quite the opposite. Western is open-minded, accepting, and, quite likely, stoned.


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