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Junior Marta Frost, an anthropology and communication science disorders double-major, has recently been watching Cutthroat Kitchen on Netflix. Q: Who introduced you to the show? A:I watch a lot of cooking shows because I really like cooking. It had ‘kitchen’ in the name, so I was like ‘I’ll just watch this’ and it’s great.” Q: What do you like about the show? A:It’s basically a game show. I like the aspect that there’s sabotage [which] I feel should be involved in every cooking show. I like how the cooks have to be creative, and it’s not about how good you can cook, it’s how good you can think on the fly.” Q: Who is your favorite character? A:Alton Brown, the host. I want him to be my uncle. He’s really wacky, and I would appreciate getting Christmas gifts from him occasionally.” Q: What is a favorite episode/moment in the show for you? A:One time they were supposed to cook biscuits and gravy, but this guy heard briskets and gravy. So, he cooked a bunch of meat instead and got to the judging and was like, ‘Oh no!’ That was a good time. They have to do things like cooking while hopping on one foot and while holding lobster claws for the whole time. There [once] was a 4,000 pound burrito that they had to go through and find ingredients. It’s just wacky.” Q: Is there anything that has changed throughout the show that you like/dislike? A:It got a lot bigger. They make these giant props they have to use, which I think is cool, but it’s not necessary.”

Storyline from IMDB: Chefs are asked to overcome major obstacles and acts of sabotage in this reality competition. My Review: This isn’t a typical cooking show because of the added elements of auctioning off things to sabotage the other competitors and the host’s strange demeanor. It is even more of a game than other reality cooking shows. It is fast-paced, changes competitors every episode and does not linger on the losing competitors. They’re constantly losing their ingredients and utensils and are forced to rack their brains to come up with solutions to make their dishes the best they can. My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Seasons Available: 4 Number of Episodes: 52 Average length per episode: 42 minutes Genre: Reality-TV


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