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Throughout the quarter, I’ve been giving you my tips and tricks about how to keep you looking flawless and fresh. I’ve realized that I may have left out the most important tip: How to achieve the perfect winged eyeliner. I have a feeling some of you have been running around with some janky wings, everyone looking at you and questioning your taste levels. I’ll take the responsibility for not informing you earlier and I hope you forgive me.Eyeliner Find a straight edge. Trying to free hand the perfect wing with a flick is basically impossible even for the most skilled wing-engineers. Getting the crisp, clean edge is incredibly important to the overall appearance of how your wing is going to turn out. Use an old business card, or perhaps even a maxed out credit card. Something small flat and straight to keep the line clean. Find the right brush. Using a brush that is going to make the process is crucial. Something that is going to fit into your hand nicely so you aren’t cramping yourself in order to get that perfect wing. Additionally, you want to get something with a nice brush. It should be thick enough to where you don’t have to basically color in your wing with eyeliner and it should have enough of a point to where you can achieve that perfect edge. I recommend using NYX eyeliner with the hand grip. Trace the wing. A really safe way, but perhaps a little more time consuming, is tracing out the shape of wing you want. Simply taking a little bit of your eye shadow and lining out exactly what you want your wing to look like. This way you can see how it will turn out before you apply the oh-so-intimidating liquid eyeliner. Use whatever eyeshadow you own. I recommend using a really thin brush. Draw them backwards. Try drawing your eyeliner in backward. Instead of making that horrifying venture across your eyelid try drawing the wing beforehand. Draw it toward your eyelid and see how it works. I’ve heard from a number of people that this is what they do and it seems to work really well for them. Take your time! It’s important to allot enough time to make your eyeliner look “fleeked.” You are not going to get the look you want if you are rushing through this process. The key is to take time, and make it look perfect. I hope this quick and dirty guide to making the perfect wings will help. For the best results, I recommend following all of the steps I’ve provided. I hope to see you on campus with wings so sharp, they will poke the eyes out of your enemies.


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