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All right readers, bear with me. I’m cheap and flippant about what you put into your recipes. But, until now I have been one of the seven deadly sins: forgetful. Ok, it isn’t that dire. But it isn't pretty either, I’ll explain: Back during the days when I was slinging spatulas with the boys, I had a little recipe called "Sun Bars." Sure, I didn’t invent it. But, the founders of this sweet glory (Sun Butter Products) has inexplicably removed the recipe from all public records. (The ones I looked at anyway – who am I, Nicolas Cage in National Treasure? Relax.) With this revelation, I phoned my dearest friend and ally, Paula Deen, who reminded me of the recipe: step 1

  • Rice Chex (could be corn or chocolate; they have a wide variety of types of ‘chex’ at General Mills, so go wild with your culinary freedoms)
  • Semi-sweet chocolate ( I used the chips, but you could as easily use those fancy cooking bars)
  • Peanut butter (don’t let Sun Butter fool you, you can use any kind, I love Adams)
  • Brown sugar
  • Trail mix (optional)
  tumblr_n6xefb1xbA1siwp1ko2_1280I don’t list servings of each because there’s no science to this creation. Like I did in my competitive-baking days, you’ll need to feel this one. First, gather as much rice Chex as you’d like to eventually consume. In a sauce pan combine brown sugar and a terrific amount of peanut butter (enough to coat your Chex). Mix until well combined, then add your Chex. Mix it all up, real strong and add your trail mix if you decided to use some. At this point, you should have a nice sticky jambalaya of peanut butter-y Chex. Then, lay it into a cake pan. It looks good, doesn’t it? Well don’t eat it yet, those are some fourth-grade tactics. Cool it, junior. step 2 In a separate containment unit (A double boiler is ideal, but the bowl you stole from the dining hall may do) melt your chocolate. A terrific amount – enough to spread on top of your Chex. step 3 At this point you’re “done.” Notice my quotation marks – you’re done if you want to be a fourth-grader again. Are you a fourth-grader? Let your bars cool and then cut them up into delicate squares.    


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