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IMG_0276“I may not look like I care, but I’m one of the most considerate people you will meet. I know my resting face doesn’t look like it, but I am.” Meet Alex Matheny is senior majoring in business management major with a minor in Japanese. Matheny said he started off wanting to major in engineering because he liked to play with Legos. He though it was a ‘calling,’ he said. After Matheny discovered that engineering wasn’t really his thing, he took some business and management classes, he said. He really enjoyed the science of business and the “people” aspect of managing. Matheny said a common misconception about business management is people think it’s all about numbers. He said it’s really about the science of working with people. “People are not numbers,” he said. One of the most interesting things about Matheny is he can connect with “virtually anyone,” he said. That’s one of the reason’s he said he is good at business management. Matheny said he volunteers in foreign student courses because, event though there is a language barrier, he can easily connect with the students. He said he reads people well. Someday, Matheny said he hopes to be working at an international or multinational organization. He said he could see himself as a leader but not necessarily a manager even thought that is probably what he would become. Matheny said he just wants to connect with people.


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