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OPINION: A Letter to the Newbies

Being a freshman at college is like being the new kid at school, except there are more than 2,000 of you and you’re all in the same boat. College will be intimidating at first, a new place, new people, new responsibilities, but don’t fear, The Western Front is here to help you get involved during what should be the best years of your lives.

While some of you may want to attempt to recreate your favorite college movie here, remember it’s important to actually go to your classes. If you miss class you’re literally throwing your money away, something I’m sure many of your parents wouldn’t be too happy about.  General University Requirements, or GURs, as excruciating as they may be, are something that we all must deal with, so make sure you go to those classes. Who knows, you may even discover something that you become really passionate about.

Western is a unique school in that we don’t have a Greek fraternity system setup on campus, but this doesn’t mean we don’t have plenty of organizations you can get involved with. Western’s Associated Students has over 200 student clubs registered that can cater to anyone’s needs. Clubs range from academic and departmental to the widely known Humans vs. Zombies. A word of advice: when you’re walking to class and see a large group of people armed with Nerf guns chasing another group of people, don’t get caught in the crossfire because Humans vs. Zombies is no joke.

College is a place where there are no stupid questions. If you’re curious about something, but are surrounded by tons of new people, don’t be scared to speak up. Because more likely than not, others are wondering the same exact thing. Also, your professors are the ultimate resource and have the answers to all your questions, so go to office hours if they’re available.

The best advice we can give you is to not be afraid to take chances and be yourself. College should be a positive time in everyone’s life, but your overall experience here depends on you completely. You will have your ups and your downs, but in the end college will be an experience that you will remember for the rest of your lives. So why not have fun with it?

“Stay far from timid,

only make moves when your heart’s in it,

and live the phrase sky’s the limit.”

-The Notorious B.I.G, 1998

The editorial board is composed of Miles Barnes, Stephanie Villiers and Alexandra Bartick

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