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MelindaMelinda Vickers, sophomore Listening to: "Animal Tracks" Mountain Man "I was studying abroad last quarter in Patagonia and we were tracking animals and my group partner and I listened to that song a lot and I'm feeling the Patagonia nostalgia and it's just an awesome song."     AdamAdam Kane, junior Listening to: "Death with Dignity" Sufjan Stevens "It's a very beautiful song. The way he picks the chords is hypnotizing. It's a haunting whisper. He's dealing with mom's death and it’s a very haunting song.     KyleKyle Bailey, senior "First time" Vance Joy "I heard it recently and it just fits my mood most of the time."       ChelseaChelsea Johnson, junior Listening to: "TNT" ACDC "Growing up I listened to a lot of classic rock with my dad so it was just ingrained in my brain to like rock. I really like the song and can sing almost the whole thing. It reminds me of my childhood"     MaleahMaleah Greathouse, senior Listening to: "Shake it Off" Taylor Swift "I just like dancing around to it and turning it up in your car. I feel like everyone has something they just wanna shake off and I just really like the song."

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