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Olson keeps her home screen professional.
Welcome to a brand new feature I like to call “Phonelationships”. For those of us who’ve ever wondered whether it’s weird that we sleep with our phones in our beds or who just don’t get the whole Snapchat Discover thing (seriously, does anybody use that?), Phonelationships is a fun way to find out what our peers are up to on their phones. Name: Olivia Olson, 18 Class standing: Freshman Major: Accounting, with a minor in Spanish. Phone: iPhone 5. She’s had it for almost two years. Phone case: Pink, with a faded green tiger sticker on the back. Total apps: Olson keeps her phone clutter-free, with only about 10 apps. She said she probably uses about five of them on a daily basis. Most frequently used app:  Instagram. “It’s a place where everyone can be a cool and hip photographer,” she said. She uses it to follow friends as well as fashion and food bloggers. And yes - she likes the new update. “Something a little new is always nice,” she said.
Olson’s Instagram shows photos of her friends, her travels and her cat, Woody.
Phonelationship style: Olson is an incredibly responsible phone owner. She said she’s never lost it or forgotten it somewhere.“I’m pretty good about keeping it close,” she said. She keeps it in her backpack when she’s not using it, and charges it on her nightstand when she sleeps. Her idea of a perfect app: Olson said that if she could invent any app, it would find restaurants.
Swipe and like with Foodspotter
Recommendations: Based on Olson’s interest in Instagram and finding good places to eat, I would recommend she try an app called Foodspotting – it’s better than Yelp and more fun than Urbanspoon. Foodspotting allows diners to share photos of their meals, whether it’s a greasy burger from Boomer’s or an intricate plating of tuna and rice from Blue Fin Sushi. Each photo is accompanied by the name of the dish, the restaurant location and a price. Like Instagram, the photos are sorted by most recent and you can tap to “want” a dish, say you “tried” a dish or that you “love” a dish to create a personalized profile of food.


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