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Get to Know Western: Henry Leenstra

Henry Leenstra, 19, sophomore. // Photo by Madelyn Johnsen
Q: Why did you pick Western? A: I chose to come to Western because I am a huge fan of the atmosphere here. I love how beautiful the campus is, I love how natural everything seems. I just really enjoy how free thinking everyone is. Q: What is your favorite thing about Western? A: I would have to say my favorite thing about Western is people can represent their ideas here and be who they want to be. You can see people walking around in drag, or dressing however they want to dress and just expressing their views, and for the most part a lot of people are very open to the fact that people have their own opinions and respect that. I really like the liberal thinking here. Q: What has been your favorite class so far? My favorite class so far has been my geology 101 class. Q:  What do you like to do around Bellingham? One of my favorite things to do in Bellingham is to go to AB Crepes. Their crepes are fantastic. [I also] just kind of explore downtown with my friends who normally are stuck on campus. Q: Best piece of advice for students? My best piece of advice for students is to try your best to experience as much as Bellingham and Western have to offer, while also realizing that you are here for an academic purpose rather than just purely for recreation. Q: Why do you think it’s important to call your family? I think it’s important to call your family because it’s such an easy thing to do that will take such little of your time but could make your dad’s day, it could make your mom’s week. It really could mean the world to someone who’s been missing you and maybe has been to afraid to say something. Q: When is the last time you called your family? I called my mom two days ago. That was to let her know that I had made it back here safely after driving home, and I’m probably going to call her tonight.  

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