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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

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There is no halftime for cheerleaders

By Tanner Fricke   A timeout is called at one of Western’s basketball games and 20 cheerleaders hit the floor, moving into a pyramid formation. The...

Subway ‘Deal of the Day’ to make campus comeback

By Tanner Fricke What ever happened to the sub of the day option on campus Subways? At several Subway locations around the country, a “sub of...

Scooping up accolades; alumnus set to play in 2018 World Lacrosse Championships

By Tanner Fricke   Alexander Rabin’s style of lacrosse at Western was enthralling to watch. His drive, passion and energy were contagious, former teammates said. Now...

Club spotlight: Students for Zero Waste

By Roisin Cowan-Kuist Getting good grades, catching up on sleep, maintaining a balanced social life, keeping a regular exercise routine — all of these things and...

Huxley students demand increased accountability for sexual harassment

Content warning: This story references sexual harassment and sexual assault. By Roisin Cowan-Kuist Huxley College students were given an opportunity to voice their frustration concerning issues of...

Student charged with trespass, malicious mischief

By Tanner Fricke Western student William Lawrence Palmer, 19, was arrested on campus Saturday, Feb. 3 on suspicion of entering another student’s dorm room while...

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$1 million budget cut for behavioral health services proposed

Whatcom County faces huge cuts for mental health programs and staff.  By Sophia...

Space, what’s up?

The recent comet is just one of many observable space phenomena over the next few months.

Bellingham, Western’s historical response to health crises

A comprehensive overview from the 1918 Spanish flu to now Drummers, sailors and crowds of onlookers parade...

Seeking workforce diversity, Bellingham School District creates new position

A new director role in the school district gives hope for equitable change.   Illustration of a teacher...

Two Bellingham residents receive Outstanding Graduate title

Ina LaGrandeur and Julie McElroy stood out in their studies at WWU By Shannon Steffens