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Sunday, March 7, 2021

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State’s ‘Get Ready’ plan prepares vaccines for educators, school staff

Washington state announces its plan to vaccinate upwards of 80% of K-12 school employees By Silvia Leija State Education Superintendent Chris Reykdal announced a new partnership...

Standardized testing continues despite low in-person K-12 attendance

Educators still await district direction as testing season approaches By Silvia Leija With less than a quarter of Washington students attending in-person classes, educators are still...

BREAKING: City sweeps camp 210 early, forcing residents to relocate

By Nolan Baker, Kaleigh Carroll and Faith Owens This is a story about an ongoing event. We will be updating this story as new information...

NEWS BRIEF: Protests and calls for action as large numbers remain without shelter

Groups of protestors block camp displacement; small number enter city hall By Silvia Leija, Faith Owens and Riley Young This is a story about an ongoing...

Viking Voices: What would you like to see the AS Board tackle next school year?

By Brendan Prior "I think I would like the board to tackle the issue of food sustainability, where food revolves around what is grown on...

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Piece(s) of cake

Local bakery serves up sustainability By Caroline Brooks Saltadena Bakery & Cake Shop’s muted pink colors and frosting-scented air isn’t all...