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Sunday, August 9, 2020

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Washington experts work with Whatcom helpers against shellfish poisoning

County and state health departments, Lummi Tribe and others monitor local waters to protect shellfish eaters from paralytic shellfish poisoning 

Whatcom farmers adapt to COVID-19 challenges

Farmers have undertaken social distancing for workers and guests, so farming in 2020 means constant adaptation

Whirlwind election: Amid controversies, position of AS president up in the air

Candidates, staff say AS needs to improve while Western awaits resolution of election This is the fifth in a...

Whirlwind election: AS proceedings said to contradict rules and fairness

Candidates spoke up about this year’s grievance hearing not following elections code This is the fourth in a...

Reform, don’t defund, Bellingham police say

 Bellingham Police Department disagrees with local activists calling for reallocating police budget money By Teya Heidenreich

Whirlwind elections: AS candidates say connections mattered

Students were concerned about preferential treatment and unfairness during Associated Students election proceedings  This is the third in...

Whirlwind elections: AS timing rules repeatedly broken

A main complaint from candidates about this year’s AS general elections was that timing rules were not followed

Whirlwind elections: Uncertainty over endorsements leads to AS election controversy at WWU

2020 AS general elections for Western student representatives fraught with accusations of election code violations, preferential treatment

Running isn’t just for fitness pros

Runners at Western from many health backgrounds and activity styles say to get moving By Mazey Servin...

March to defund police seeks structural change

Sunday’s protest in solidarity with Black Lives Matter unites communities including LGBTQ+, Black, Indigenous people and people of color to...

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Bellingham, Western’s historical response to health crises

A comprehensive overview from the 1918 Spanish flu to now Drummers, sailors...

Seeking workforce diversity, Bellingham School District creates new position

A new director role in the school district gives hope for equitable change.   Illustration of a teacher...

Two Bellingham residents receive Outstanding Graduate title

Ina LaGrandeur and Julie McElroy stood out in their studies at WWU By Shannon Steffens

Post-apocalyptic movies: morbid fascination or healthy coping mechanism?

With the pandemic taking a toll on the country, people are resorting to more virtual ways of entertainment

Local roller derby league leaves the bruises at home and rolls with the pandemic.

The local roller derby league has started a weekly event that follows current mask and distancing guidelines.