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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

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What Referendum 90 means for Bellingham Public Schools

Voters decided to uphold Senate Bill 5395, a win for comprehensive sexual education according to proponents.

Election roundup: 2020 state and local election

Gov. Jay Inslee gathers Western Students into the Miller Hall fish bowl to encourage the campus to exercise their rights to...

Senior Activity Center pivots flu clinic to drive-thru service

Hoagland Pharmacy and the Bellingham Senior Activity Center create a drive-thru to fight the flu. A...

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Western students save $44.79 on student fees

Board of Trustees pass 7.5% reduction for winter 2021, less than fall 2020 11.4% reduction 

Work on changing systems instead of yourself

Clothes dryers in WWU’s Birnam Wood main laundry room.  // Photo by Sadie Fick By Sadie Fick

Zoom bombing halts Shred the Contract meeting

Tougher security will help stop future zoom bombings Generic zoom photo By Nathan Schumock

Real or fake: The great Christmas tree debate settled

Real trees can’t be beaten when it comes to their beauty and environmental impact  A pine tree...

Holiday shopping could make or break small business during the pandemic

A gift guide to popular Bellingham businesses Local ingredients at Clara’s Canning Co. Photo by Ona Lee;