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Friday, August 14, 2020

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WWU prepares quarantine dorm spaces

An email sent to residents Friday, March 13 says that Stack One, a semi-detached tower of suites, was chosen because it has easy access to the outside and that they hoped to have current residents out by the second week of spring quarter.

To prevent COVID-19, stick to the basics

One of the best steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is to thoroughly wash your hands. // Photo illustration by...

Former head auditor settles for over $200,000

By Erasmus Baxter The state has paid Western’s largest employment settlement in a decade to resolve a misconduct claim...

Stakeholders respond to STEM building donor story

By Erasmus Baxter On Wednesday, Jan. 29, The Western Front reported Western is planning on naming a...

New building namesakes faced tax evasion case

Western admins made small talk about flying with Fred Kaiser and Grace Borsari before asking them to donate $10 million to...

Who are Borsari and Kaiser?

By Erasmus Baxter Grace Borsari and Fred Kaiser have a 23-year relationship with Western that began during...

Whatcom County employee charged with sexually assaulting Western student

Content Warning: This story contains a description of sexual assault.

It’s the microclimate, stupid!

By Erasmus Baxter Ever returned to Western from break and felt like Bellingham was a cold and windy wasteland? Like you’re a doomed “Game of...

Whatcom County Faces Unprecedented Hornet Invasion

An Asian giant hornet specimen owned by the WSU Whatcom County Extension. // Photo courtesy Gail Buce. By...

Former and current Western students file lawsuit against Western for allegedly violating Public Records Act

Student journalists Erasmus Baxter and Julia Furukawa held a press conference on May 30 explaining the lawsuit along with Mike Hiestand, senior legal counsel...

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Whatcom County Council postpones vote on behavioral health services

Motion is still expected to pass, providing crucial programs for students

Bellingham poverty rate predicted to rise.

Unemployment, lack of housing and COVID-19 contributing to countywide struggle.  By Taylor Bayly  A...

Title IX federal regulations go into effect on Aug. 14

How will these changes impact Western’s community? By Ivy Munyon Amidst...

$1 million budget cut for behavioral health services proposed

Whatcom County faces huge cuts for mental health programs and staff.  By Sophia Beach

Space, what’s up?

The recent comet is just one of many observable space phenomena over the next few months.