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Saturday, August 15, 2020

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    Whatcom County Commission reports 40% decrease in rape claims, failing to represent total incidents of rape

    Commission believes potential data collecting discrepancy to blame.   Survivors of sexual assault often won’t file a report...

    Telling WWU’s COVID-19 story

    A project started by Western’s Library and Archives aims to preserve the experiences of students and faculty during the pandemic

    Thousands gather for solidarity rally in Maritime Heritage Park

    Demonstrators hold up signs while listening to speakers at Maritime Heritage Park// Photo by Claudia Cooper By...

    Local vigil, march for George Floyd draws hundreds, shows solidarity

    By Olivia Hobson, Drew Jelinek and Kyle Tubbs A circle of listeners slowly gathered...

    WWU prepares quarantine dorm spaces

    An email sent to residents Friday, March 13 says that Stack One, a semi-detached tower of suites, was chosen because it has easy access to the outside and that they hoped to have current residents out by the second week of spring quarter.

    Painted bricks Spread color to campus

    A painted brick placed in a walking path on campus on Thursday, Dec. 5. The brick shows the artist Doja Cat...

    Art That Makes a Difference: A Grandfather’s Legacy

    A display of handwritten entries on display at the Western Gallery on Monday, Nov. 25. // Photo by Claire Ott By Elizabeth Hall Sebastian Mendes has...

    Orchestra revives Holocaust-era composition

    Dr. Ryan Dudenbostel directs Western's Symphony Orchestra during their performance on Friday, Nov. 15. // Photo by Claire Ott By Elizabeth Hall Western’s orchestra is fundraising...

    The world of Western’s study abroad program

    The Grand Canal in Venice, Italy on Oct. 27, 2018. // Photo courtesy of Hannah Mietzner By Elizabeth Hall “You do not visit another culture to...

    Cold Halloween night leads to win for men’s soccer

    WWU forward Jacob Ramos jumps for a shot on goal in the final minutes against Seattle Pacific University on Thursday, Oct. 31. Vikings won...

    Latest News

    Whatcom County officials hold first public meeting on race and equity

    Community members share grievances and experiences with Bellingham Police Department

    Whatcom County Council postpones vote on behavioral health services

    Motion is still expected to pass, providing crucial programs for students Council members debate postponing...

    Bellingham poverty rate predicted to rise.

    Unemployment, lack of housing and COVID-19 contributing to countywide struggle.  By Taylor Bayly  A...

    Title IX federal regulations go into effect on Aug. 14

    How will these changes impact Western’s community? By Ivy Munyon Amidst...

    $1 million budget cut for behavioral health services proposed

    Whatcom County faces huge cuts for mental health programs and staff.  By Sophia Beach