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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

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Tiny house village expects to open in Bellingham

Gardenview village in service to unsheltered residents By Adela Cruz The City of Bellingham announced a partnership with a local agency, Road2Home, and service provider, Low...

Vaccination centers in Whatcom address appointment ‘no-shows’, ‘vaccine chasers’

COVID-19 vaccines must be administered in a timely manner By Adela Cruz Whatcom County vaccination centers try to avoid wasting COVID-19 vaccines by communicating guidelines with...

COVID-19 cases rise in Whatcom County; gyms open with safety precautions

How gyms aim to stop the spread with support of the Health Department By Adela Cruz Weeks after Whatcom County hit a record number of COVID-19...

A look at Jordan Peele’s “Us.”

Illustration by Shannon DeLurio By Emily Feek Jordan Peele’s “Us,” was a hit in the box office, and it’s no wonder, considering the success of it’s...

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College budgets are a balancing act, COVID-19 has added more weight

An unknown return to campus for many students at Western led to the budget of the school taking a...