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AS Executive Board passes resolution for AS Senate to receive equal representation

The Board of Trustees will vote on the document on Dec.11.

A generic graphic of the AS logo via the aswwu instagram page
A generic graphic of the AS logo via the aswwu instagram page

By Nathan Schumock

The Associated Students Executive Board passed a resolution proposed by the AS senate, that will give equal representation to the student governing bodies at Western Washington University. 

Under the resolution passed at the Nov. 20 meeting, AS senate Pro Tempore Sargun Handa will receive consistent invitations to Board of Trustees meetings along with AS President Abdul Malik Ford. This will further the quest for “shared governance, student representation, equity, inclusion and justice,” according to the resolution.

Additionally, the resolution re quests the Board of Trustees release a formal statement recognizing the AS Senate and the AS Executive Board are equal branches of student government in terms of power.

The Board of Trustees will vote on the resolution on Dec.11.

“The student senate will finally have our governing authority at Western Washington University acknowledged,” Handa said. “We deserve to be equal to the executive board.”        

If the resolution is not passed by the Board of Trustees, Handa said the senate will continue to fight for recognition that the senate is equal to the executive board, as well as the fact that she deserves a recurring invitation to the board meetings.

“If they don’t approve it, then we’re just going to keep fighting for the equal representation that we deserve,” Handa said.


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