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New international job searching resource

GoinGlobal is now available as a free trial for students who wish to work abroad

GoinGlobal provides a list of jobs that are available around the world. // Illustration by Tony Mueantonthian

By Tony Mueantonthian

Western’s Career Service Center added GoinGlobal, a new job searching resource located in the resource section of the CSC page for Western students who want to complete an internship or work abroad after graduation.

GoinGlobal is a website that helps students seeking jobs and internships to find opportunities both in the U.S. and abroad. It is a one-stop resource that provides access to constantly updated, location-specific information for people who are interested in short-term visits or permanent moves to new locales at home and abroad.

Western’s director of the Career Service Center, Effie Eisses, said that GoinGlobal offered a free trial for the Western’s students until the end of this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She also said that after the free trial for this year is over, the extension of the GoinGlobal depends on the feedback from the students and the budget for the membership that Western has to pay.

“We have been discussing with GoinGlobal for a while. When the COVID-19 pandemic and the budget constrained, the GoinGlobal offered us to use this platform with no cost for the rest of the calendar year,” Eisses said.

Eisses said that GoinGlobal opens an opportunity for students who do not have the budget to go abroad to find a job internationally, or students who are already studying abroad that wish to work in the country after graduation.

“GoinGlobal has an amazing country guide and the job listing in almost every country around the world,” Eisses said.

The director of Western Education Abroad, Ryan Larsen, said that most of the Western students who went to study abroad often wanted to find a job after they graduated in that country. 

“GoinGlobal shows the in-depth information about the country profile for each country around the world, and it covers everything from culture dynamics from that country to professional culture, even the resume preference,” Larsen said. “GoinGlobal is like Indeed but an international version.”

Brandon Kelly, a fourth-year student at Western, said that GoinGlobal is going to be a useful resource for Western students because it provides many useful details about the job applications, the cost of living and the different cultural norms. 

Kelly said that after looking for a job through GoinGlobal, he found that the requirement for the resume in some countries is different from the U.S. It might need more personal detail about the applicant, which was surprising to him.

“Some countries may ask for a photo of you when you submit the resume which is weird in the U.S.,” Kelly said.

Khoi Nguyen, a third-year student at Western, said that GoinGlobal is a good opportunity for international students who wish to work in the U.S. He said that it is difficult for international students to find a job that allows them to work more than one year by themselves.

GoinGlobal is also exclusive in the H-1B database, which provides millions of visa application listings for American employers seeking to hire international students in the United States. 

According to the American Immigration Council website, an H-1B visa is a temporary nonimmigrant visa that allows employers to petition for highly educated foreign professionals to work in “specialty occupations” that require at least a bachelor’s degree or the equivalent. Typically, the initial duration of an H-1B visa classification is three years, which may be extended to a maximum of six years.

GoinGlobal offered the lists of jobs that allow international students who wish to work in the U.S. after graduating under the H-1B visa status.

The director of Western International Student and Scholar Services, Richard Bruce, said that the GoinGlobal platform is available for any student at Western, including international students. He also said that GoinGlobal is a good resource for students who want to work in the U.S. for a long period of time.

“GoinGlobal is a database that helps researchers, job seekers and travelers learn about working and living in new locations,” Bruce said. “GoinGlobal also includes country and city guides, business etiquette advice, country-specific visa regulations, job application/interview and advice.”

Eisses said that the GoinGlobal platform is located at the resources section on Western’s Career Service Center webpage. Students can log in to GoinGlobal by using their Western email.


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