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Fall quarter uncertainty affects registration decisions

The uncertainty with how classes will function fall quarter is playing a role in the choices students make about their classes

A portrait of Raina Shaw // Courtesy of Raina Shaw

By Emily Bishop

How has unpredictability surrounding fall quarter affected your registration for classes?

It hasn’t influenced fall because I have a strict course plan for my major that I have to follow if I want to graduate in time. But I have considered taking a year off if we’re online. I like to stick to my path, but I am definitely worried about the quality of my classes in the fall.

Raina Shaw, second-year, physics major

No, I’m trying to stay on track with my major as much as I can so my graduation date doesn’t extend any further. Classes are a lot harder online though.

A portrait of Ashely Ewanchuk // Courtesy of Ashely Ewanchuk

 Ashely Ewanchuk, second-year, behavioral neuroscience

To be honest, not much has changed for me. I take everything one quarter at a time, and usually my registration plan falls apart because half the classes I wanted have been taken, so everything being up in the air is really quite normal. 

All this mess hasn’t influenced any of my class choices in the slightest. If anything, I know that the classes I pick will most likely be missing elements I would normally enjoy, but it is what it is. No use worrying about something I can’t control.

A portrait of Carl Manry // Courtesy of Carl Manry

Carl Manry, fourth-year, elementary education and environmental studies

Once quarantine started, it became clear that there would likely be several changes to the system that Western was using for classes. For me, with the suggested hybrid schedule, minimal contact with large groups is ideal. This basically means that I need to adjust my schedule to make sure I’m not in a class with in-person meetings. Other than that, there have still been advisors available, so it’s not impossible to figure the system out with just a little more planning.

A portrait of Mark Behee // Courtesy of Mark Behee

Mark Behee, second-year, physics

Corona[virus] has affected how I’m choosing classes in the fall quarter because I’m trying to pick classes that I’m hoping will be small enough to meet in person. At the same time, I’m trying to also pick classes I think I’ll be able to have a valuable virtual learning experience in case we do end up having to go fully online in the fall.

Shona Carter, first-year, theatre

A portrait of Shona Carter // Courtesy of Shona Carter


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