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Viking Voices: What’s the first thing you want to do after the stay-at-home order is lifted and why?

By Makenna Marks

Graciella Gomez

A portrait of Graciela Gomez // Courtesy of Graciela Gomez


Human Services Major

“The ability to properly celebrate my 21st birthday, but I obviously don’t mind waiting because my birthday isn’t a priority. My roommate decorated our house and made it like a 21 Run by having each room be a different bar, which was still fun but not the real thing. It’ll be a memorable birthday for sure!”

Ezzy Cuevas

Third-Year Transfer

Biology major

A portrait of Ezzy Cuevas // Courtesy of Ezzy Cuevas

“I want to go to Golden Corral with my family. My family and I are from Mexico, so we tend to rarely branch out of our comfort food, which is surprisingly Chinese food. Then one day my dad saw a commercial for [Golden Corral], saw it was an hour or so drive away and that weekend on a Sunday, we went. Who knew why, but we all absolutely loved the environment and the food. True American food, am I right? Overall, it’s a place we haven’t been to in a while, and my family lives far from me. Once this is over, I’m determined to go see them and go there again to relive the laughs and taste their yummy food. I sure miss my family tons!”

A portrait of Tara Nester // Courtesy of Tara Nester

Tara Nester


Communication Sciences and Disorder Major

“I want to give my friends a big hug and tell them how much they mean to me. Also, bar hopping. I’ve been away from my friends over quarantine and I miss being able to see them in person and being able to give them hugs. I would like to go bar hopping because I just turned 21 this year and I really want to go explore the Capitol Hill bars with my friends.”

Bella Wolfe

A portrait of Bella Wolfe // Courtesy of Bella Wolfe


Elementary Education Major

“I am specifically excited to go back to Barre3 classes! It’s a smaller barre studio that I went to every day for the past few months, so I’ve gotten really close with all the staff, other clients and instructors at both the Bellingham studio and the studio closer to my hometown that I’m missing a lot! I also had a few plans to try out some other classes while I was home for spring break but everything closed before then. Barre3 has a bunch of online classes as well as studios doing livestream classes with their instructors but it’s definitely not the same, so it has been hard to keep up with doing them!”

A portrait of Alessandra de la Cruz // Courtesy of Alessandra de la Cruz

Alessandra de la Cruz


Behavioral Neuroscience Major

“I want to go to the movies. It seems silly but that’s one of the few places I do not feel anxious. I feel anxious about thinking about going because that’s just my overall anxiety. But once I’m heading there and actually sitting in the scratchy cloth chair in the dark I feel comfortable. It’s a happy place for me. With everything going the way it is, I feel like my heart rate has not come down in a month. My fight or flight response has been activated for so long it’s beginning to feel like my new normal. So I need to feel at peace and relaxed again before I can do anything else. The short list includes finally heading back to Bellingham to take back my independent life.”

Charlie Lemay


Elementary Education Major

A portrait of Charlie Lemay // Courtesy of Charlie Lemay

“I really can’t wait to go dancing! Both at the clubs and I plan on starting swing dance classes! I miss dancing because it was a time for me and my friends to come together and just let loose. I really enjoyed going out on Fridays to release all of my stress from school and work from the week. I was not actually taking classes [before the stay-at-home order started] but I did sign up for one right before quarantine, and it got canceled. I think swing dancing is super fun, there’s no right or wrong way to do it, it’s more about what you are feeling. My dad taught me a few swing moves when I was a kid, and I’ve been taking a virtual class during quarantine so I am motivated to try in-person classes once everything opens again!”


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