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Tinder: Do’s and Don’ts

By Samantha Baxley

DO include multiple photos

One or two photos is not enough. Be sure people can see what a fun, interesting and unique person you are by showcasing yourself and your hobbies in an array of photos.

DON’T be arrogant

Your bio can make or break your profile, use the space to showcase what’s unique about you. Don’t list the things you do or don’t want in a person. Be honest, but remember you don’t have to swipe right on them so save your bio for truly important info.

DO make your bio interesting

Why should people swipe right on you? Share some of your personal accomplishments or interesting facts about yourself.

DON’T only have group photos

You want your potential matches to know who you are. If every picture is a group shot then they are left trying to decipher who’s who. One photo of you and your 10 best buds is excellent but keep it to just one.


DO be honest about what you are looking for

Tinder is known for being a hookup app, but it’s grown a lot over the years. People are on Tinder for a variety of reasons so be honest if you are looking for anything serious or not.

DON’T message anything you wouldn’t say in person

Getting too sexual or inappropriate too quick can lead your matches to unmatch with you faster than you can say “just kidding.” Be flirty but don’t be trashy.

DO ask them on a date

This is key; if you ever want the relationship to be real, don’t wait too long and ask them out on a date. You want to get to know them and make sure they are someone you want to go out with, but a relationship can only last on Tinder messenger for so long. Take the leap and ask them out if you like them.

DON’T send a boring or basic opening message

Make a lasting first impression with a good opening line. Be creative but also be yourself.

DO compliment them

Tell them why you like them, what made you swipe right? Make it personal by connecting it back to their bio and their pictures.


DON’T include joke/ fake photos

If someone is deciding whether or not to swipe right or left, you want them to be looking at a picture of you and not a meme or a scene from your favorite show.


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