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“Lies Feminists Tell” event poster set ablaze on campus

Photo courtesy of Abby Theige

By Crista Blowers

A campus advisory notified students on Monday, May 6, of an arson investigation following a fire set to a wall outside the Environmental Studies building. The fire destroyed a poster advertising an event held by Students for Life of America, called “Lies Feminists Tell.”

According to the alert, the fire was set on Saturday, May 4, and caused approximately $500 worth of damages.

“We are handling this fire as an arson. Intentionally setting such a fire is foolish and very dangerous,” said Darin Rasmussen, chief of University Police said. “We are actively investigating and I hope we can find the person responsible for this crime.”

According to Washington State Legislature section RCW 9A.48.030, arson in the second degree is a class B felony and could face up to 10 years in jail, a fine of $20,000 or both. Kristi Hamrick, media strategist for Students for Life of America said Students for Life is an organization in support of the pro-life stance on abortion.

“We strongly condemn this act of violence and intimidation. We challenge anyone who disagrees with us to come to hear the presentation on Thursday instead of resorting to cowardly acts of violence,” Hamrick said.

Hamrick added that students can attend and participate in the free event hosted by Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America.

“What is tragic about the current discussion on life is that those who dehumanize the pre-born now dehumanize those who defend them … abortion mentality can destroy civil discourse and how far some have fallen from the compassionate response to the human rights issue of our day,” Hamrick said.

Students For Life encourages students to ask questions and have an open discussion on abortion.

The event will be held on Thursday, May 9, in room 105 of the Communications Facility, from 7-9 p.m.., according to the organization’s Facebook event page.  

Police encourage anyone with information regarding who may be responsible for the fire to call University Police at 360-650-3555. Anonymous tips or information can also be reported at 360-650-7233.



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