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What’s on my Netflix queue?

Illustration by Shannon DeLurio

By Stella Harvey

Whether you’re taking a mental health day or are home sick with a cold, sometimes it’s necessary to binge-watch something on Netflix. Here are a few Netflix series I have been enjoying while being stuck inside because of the snow.

Sex Education

Looking for a hilarious, cringe-worthy flashback to high school? The lovable characters in Netflix’s “Sex Education” will bring you back to a time you wish you could forget, and ease your discomfort with belly-laughs galore.

Taking place in present day England, Otis, an awkward high school student, begins giving his peers advice about sex and dating based on the knowledge he has gained from his mom, Jean, who is a sex therapist. Confused and inexperienced, Otis teams up with smart and sarcastic bad-girl Maeve to run their makeshift sex therapist clinic, while Otis’s best friend Eric urges him to spend more time working on his own sex life.

The hilarious writing and acting in this series is bound to strike a chord with college students who have fresh memories of awkward dating experiences. It may even offer some helpful pieces of advice.

Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee

For comedy-lovers looking for a talk show like no other, “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee” is a must see. With five seasons available on Netflix, this is a great show to put on while you’re getting ready or when you just need something to take your mind off of things. If you’ve ever wondered how your favorite funny people got to be who they are, this is the show for you.

Each episode, Jerry Seinfeld, the creator and host of the show, picks up a comedian in a vintage car. They then drive around town stopping for coffee as they talk about their life stories and comedy. Among the star studded list of people who have been interviewed on the show are Barack Obama, Kate McKinnon and John Mulaney.

The End of the F***ing World

Maybe you’re looking for a dark-comedy following the story of two teenagers with very little supervision? If you love to laugh at the strange and unusual, Netflix’s “The End of the F***cking World” will leave you biting your nails with anticipation.

Based off of the comic book series by Charles Forsman, the eight part series follows James, a teenage convinced he’s a psychopath because of his lack of emotions, and Alyssa, an angsty high-school student with a difficult home life. The couple sets out on a road trip after a series of unfortunate events, getting into trouble neither of them expected.

The show’s beautiful camera work and directing contrasts the dramatic and hilariously dark story creating a push and pull throughout the show. The series of events will keep you on the edge of your seat and make you want to watch the whole thing in one sitting. Just wait for the suspenseful ending; you’ll never see it coming.


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